Singer 1883-1884

I do not know the serial number, but if you look closely at this Singer you can spot a few differences with the 1881-model.
- It has detachable handlebars, but not yet the 1886-model.
- Handlebars are curved
- It has the new step, Singer must have used that from 1882 onwards.
- It has a slightly different type of ball bearing on the front hub.
- It has ball bearings on the rear wheel
- It has a semi-tubular rear fork
- It has the frame number on the right side of the neck (1882 is still left side).
This makes me to believe it is the 1883-1884 model.

This is a well preserved bike, and it would deserve an optical restoration: removing the shiny red paint would be the first thing to do. Replacing the saddle by a better imitation would do the rest.